Good Night, and Good Luck at Hoyts, Broadway

I probably should have enjoyed Good Night, and Good Luck more than I did. The performances were great and it was an interesting story dealing one of those important periods in history that I don’t know much about.

But although I thought the black and white filming was very effective, at times I found the cinematography a bit offputting (I really didn’t like the the way the tops of people’s heads were often cut off). Also, sometimes there were two conversations running at once, which made it rather hard work to follow. I guess this was done to add to the naturalism of it, which it did; but for me, it added an extra bit of cognitive load that I didn’t need, when I was already having to concentrate hard to get a handle on the context and the plot. Maybe if I’d known a but more about the history it wouldn’t have been such a problem, since some things would have been more obvious to start with.

But none of this means that I regret seeing it.

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