This page contains links to a number of essays I have written during the course of my M.Litt. in English Literature, at the University of Sydney. They are all in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, and will open up in separate browser windows.

Not a Game for Knights: Chivalry, Corruption and God’s Lonely Men

This paper looks at the films The Searchers and Taxi Driver, the novel The Big Sleep, and the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. It considers how these works explore the concept of knight-errants in a society no longer governed by chivalric codes.

It was written in 2002, for the course American Author, American Auteur.

The Enduring Appeal of Richard III

This paper considers the enduring appeal of King Richard III to playwrights, novelists and historians. The primary texts are Shakespeare's Richard III, Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time, and Bertram Fields’ Royal Blood: King Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes. A number of other novels and popular histories are also referred to.

It was written in 2002, for the course Medieval Crime Fiction.

Parents and Surrogate Parents

This paper looks at the roles played by parents and surrogate parents in several medieval and modern texts, such as Floris and Blauncheflour, The Squire of Low Degree, Casino Royale and Peyton Place.

It was written in 2003, for the course Pulp Fiction: Medieval and Modern.

Shakespeare's Women: Surviving without male protectors

This paper looks the survival strategies used by three of Shakepeare's heroines - Viola, Helena and Cressida - and how these strategies are influenced by their environment.

It was written in 2004, for the course Shakespeare: The Turn.