Just Like Heaven at Hoyts, Broadway

Just Like Heaven was quite a nice romantic comedy – not as romantic as Green Card or as clever as When Harry Met Sally or as funny as French Kiss, but I enjoyed it much more than, say, Sleepless in Seattle.

Reese Witherspoon makes a very engaging female lead – in a completely different style from Meg Ryan, but just as enjoyable to watch – and Mark Ruffalo was pleasant enough. The plot was relatively predictable, but I don’t find that a major problem: romantic comedies are more about spending a couple of hours with people you like, who you want to see get together at the end, than they are about surprising plot twists.

Spoilers follow: Having said this, though, I was really hoping that she wouldn’t be brought to consciousness in the end by a kiss. Inevitably, this hope wasn’t realised – but I did quite like the fact that when she came to, she didn’t remember anything. Though even then, it was pretty obvious how it was going to be resolved – but it was nice to see it happening.

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