Influence (David Williamson) – Sydney Theatre Company production at the Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House)

Another year, another Williamson play. Actually, that’s not quite true, as we tend to only see the “new Williamson” every three or four years or so.

I quite enjoyed the first half of this one – it wasn’t up to his vintage work, but it was enjoyable. The performances were all good, and I liked the fact that all of the characters (except Zehra) were treated unsympathetically, regardless of whether they were left- or right-wing. I found the character of Vivienne Blasko particularly fun in her completely unashamed self-absorption.

It went a bit soft in the second half, though. By the end, most of the characters (even, in a way, Vivienne) had become “nice” in order to set off Ziggi. It would be more interesting if they could retain some of their flaws.

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