The Holiday at Hoyts, Broadway

I thought The Holiday was a pleasant, if somewhat unremarkable, romantic comedy.

Actually, I really enjoyed the Iris-Miles-Arthur storyline. It had a lot of heart to it – and a lot of humour – though I guess it was maybe a little bit lacking in bite. But I thought that Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Eli Wallach gave fine performances, and you could really see and believe in the relationships they had with each other (if not so much in the Iris-Jasper and Miles-Maggie unrequited passions). And I loved the way Arthur had Iris watching old movies with strong female leads. And the Writers’ Guild ceremony. It was a complete “feelgood” story.

I was less impressed with the Amanda-Graham story. At best, I found it only mildly amusing, and I didn’t much like either of the characters, so I didn’t really care whether or not they got together.

I wonder if the DVD release will have a “make your own cut” feature, so I can just watch the story I liked? Unfortunately, I doubt it …

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